cocotb 1.7.0.dev0 (2022-08-11)


  • cocotb tests are now more reproducible. (#2721)

  • Force, Freeze, and Release are now supported when using the FLI, Questa’s traditional method to access VHDL. (#2775)

  • Removed the need for ModelSim or Questa being installed when building cocotb. Similar to the approach taken with VPI and VHPI, cocotb now includes all C header files to build the FLI interface. This improvement was done in close collaboration with Siemens EDA, who changed the license of the relevant source code file. (#2948)

  • cocotb binaries now statically link libstdc++ on Linux, which prevents library load errors even if the simulator ships its own libstdc++. (#3002)


  • Fixed write scheduling to apply writes oldest to newest. (#2792)

  • Fixed Riviera makefile error for mixed-language simulation when VHDL is the top-level. This bug prevented the VPI library from loading correctly, and was a regression in 1.5.0. (#2912)

Deprecations and Removals


  • Passing coroutines to with_timeout() is now supported. (#2494)

  • Made Task interface more like asyncio.Task’s. (#2876)

  • Renamed RunningTask to Task. (#2876)

  • When code coverage is enabled with COVERAGE and a configuration file is specified with COVERAGE_RCFILE, default coverage configuration is not applied to avoid overriding the user-defined configuration. (#3014)