Source code for cocotb.ipython_support

# Copyright cocotb contributors
# Licensed under the Revised BSD License, see LICENSE for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
import IPython
from IPython.terminal.ipapp import load_default_config
from IPython.terminal.prompts import Prompts, Token

import cocotb

class SimTimePrompt(Prompts):
    """custom prompt that shows the sim time after a trigger fires"""

    _show_time = 1

    def in_prompt_tokens(self, cli=None):
        tokens = super().in_prompt_tokens()
        if self._show_time ==
            tokens = [
                (Token.Comment, f"sim time: {cocotb.utils.get_sim_time()}"),
                (Token.Text, "\n"),
            ] + tokens
        return tokens

def _runner(shell, x):
    """Handler for async functions"""
    ret = cocotb.scheduler._queue_function(x)
    shell.prompts._show_time = shell.execution_count
    return ret

[docs] async def embed(user_ns: dict = {}): """ Start an IPython shell in the current coroutine. Unlike using :func:`IPython.embed` directly, the :keyword:`await` keyword can be used directly from the shell to wait for triggers. The :keyword:`yield` keyword from the legacy :ref:`yield-syntax` is not supported. This coroutine will complete only when the user exits the interactive session. Args: user_ns: The variables to have made available in the shell. Passing ``locals()`` is often a good idea. ``cocotb`` will automatically be included. Notes: If your simulator does not provide an appropriate ``stdin``, you may find you cannot type in the resulting shell. Using simulators in batch or non-GUI mode may resolve this. This feature is experimental, and not all simulators are supported. """ # ensure cocotb is in the namespace, for convenience default_ns = dict(cocotb=cocotb) default_ns.update(user_ns) # build the config to enable `await` c = load_default_config() c.TerminalInteractiveShell.loop_runner = lambda x: _runner(shell, x) c.TerminalInteractiveShell.autoawait = True # Python3 checks SQLite DB accesses to ensure process ID matches the one that opened the DB and is not propogated # because we launch IPython in a different process, this will cause unnecessary warnings, so disable the PID check c.HistoryAccessor.connection_options = {"check_same_thread": False} # create a shell with access to the dut, and cocotb pre-imported shell = IPython.terminal.embed.InteractiveShellEmbed( user_ns=default_ns, config=c, ) # add our custom prompts shell.prompts = SimTimePrompt(shell) # start the shell in a background thread @cocotb.external def run_shell(): shell() await run_shell()
[docs] @cocotb.test() async def run_ipython(dut): """A test that launches an interactive Python shell. Do not call this directly - use this as ``make MODULE=cocotb.ipython_support``. Within the shell, a global ``dut`` variable pointing to the design will be present. """ await embed(user_ns=dict(dut=dut))