File FliImpl.cpp

Find the root handle

Find the root handle using an optional name

Get a handle to the root simulator object. This is usually the toplevel.

If no name is provided, we return the first root instance.

If name is provided, we check the name against the available objects until we find a match. If no match is found we return NULL

void fli_mappings(GpiIteratorMapping<int, FliIterator::OneToMany> &map)
void handle_fli_callback(void *data)
void register_initial_callback()
void register_final_callback()
void register_embed()
void cocotb_init()
GPI_ENTRY_POINT(cocotbfli, register_embed)


FliProcessCbHdl *sim_init_cb
FliProcessCbHdl *sim_finish_cb
FliImpl *fli_table